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Get fit, eat well and live happily?

Achieve all this with the help of Secret2Fitness!

Penny Pearce
Personal Trainer

Our goal is to help you improve your cardio fitness, core stability and muscular strength so that you feel more energised for life...without going to the gym!

Secret2Fitness will help add variety and spice to your exercise regime. Variety of workouts include: resistance training, core stability training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, interval training and cross training.

This is achieved through: Personal training, Circuit training, Bootcamp, Fitness Fun in the Park and Work Place Fitness taking on board a combination of different training concepts giving you an all-round fitness which will help improve your wellbeing.

2015 Winter
at Adastra Park, Hassocks &

Mondays 9:30am

Dynamos Group Tues 2pm (varying locations)
Cruisers Group Thurs (Starting in Feb)

Exercise Buddy
Home Gym Set Up

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Text: 07535 338811