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What clients say...

Natasha (Haywards Heath)

Your sessions always make me feel very virtuous afterwards! I usually have a laugh in the session too which just adds to how good it is! Kickstarting my fitness has inspired me to try something and I have taken up running which I never thought I would! Definitely get Penny to get you exercising!

Bridget (Shoreham)

I'm 61 with chronic asthma condition & I'm on permanent maintenance dose of steroids to keep asthma stabilised & consequently have put on over 3 stone in 2 years but as a self confessed couch potato decided it was time to take myself in hand & do the best I can to lose weight & get fitter. I started with Penny in September 2011 & I'm so pleased I did! I feel so much better in myself & delighted how much I've improved, when I started if I walked to end of road or up one flight of stairs to my flat I was out of breath & couldn't do even half a press-up - I can now power walk for minimum of half hour, walk & run up 3 flights of stairs & 10 press-ups plus much more YAY:0) Penny is a lovely person she's very encouraging, will push me when necessary but always conscious of my medical condition, she gives explicit instructions on what to do on the days I don't see her which gives me the incentive/encouragement I need. I give Penny 10/10 on all counts & recommend her to anyone irrespective of their requirements.

Tim (Henfield)

I agree that sticking with the 4 days a week for now seems a good idea. I think the sessions so far have been great. I tend to view aches and pains as a positive. If I ache I’m obviously using muscles I’ve not used before or more than usual at least. That’s a good thing. I guess sometimes I feel I could do more and I’d like to push as hard as possible to get fit, lose a stone and tone up whatever muscles I have under the lard. But, first things first.... :o)

Jennie (Chailey)

There is 3 P’s that describes Penny and that is Punctual, Professional and Personal. I am in my 60s with bowel and joint issues so not a straightforward case but however, Penny has managed to devise a varied and realistic programme that gets me fit and motivated - she won’t let me give up!

Hilary (Hassocks)

I enlisted Penny to help me to regain my energy levels as I slowly recovered from Post Viral Fatigue. Penny devised an exercise plan to suit, which involved very gentle chair and bed exercises using both arms and legs, then gradually increased it to floor exercises. I was very impressed with her professionalism and she certainly knew when to stop before any over-exertion could take place. After putting me through the programme and leaving strict instructions to do them daily, I'm starting to feel so much better. I am now able to walk further each day and feel stronger and more positive in my approach to life. I will not hesitate to recommend Penny to anyone who, like myself, is recuperating from an otherwise debilitating illness.

Ruth (Brighton)

I've been with Penny for 2 months now and I feel I'm a different person. I no longer smoke/drink and I am now off permanent laxatives and able to go naturally through better diet and exercising. My outlook is so much brighter and I can't believe I can now run 40 mins over the Downs! Best investment in my life and I highly recommend Penny.